Kirlian Photography Services

Have our trained Kirlian photographers take a Kirlian Photograph for you. You can provide a model for us to shoot or we can provide model based on your specifications. You will own all rights to the Kirlian image created for you.

We shoot both film and digital Kirlian photographs. Film being more expensive and time consuming as the film needs to sent to a lab for processing.

Contact Images SI Inc. 718-966-3694 for more information.

Kirlian Photography Service Using Film ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **



Kirlian Photography Gallery

Digital Kirlian Photography Service
$100.00 for the first photo
$50.00 per photo thereafter

Kirlian Photography Service

Film Kirlian Photography Service
Call for pricing

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Do not ship any bio-hazard or organic material without prior permission!

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